Philips CX50 & CX30 Main Board/COM Express Assembly

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CX30 or CX50 Main Board (MB) is responsible for beam processing, providing the Host PCIe interface, the imaging transducer TGC interface, DAS interface, and RF Test Interface.

    Main Board also contains:
  • Connector that mounts the COM Express Module to the system
  • Connection to the Motherboard that supports the Channel Boards
  • Connection to the Side I/O Board for control and monitoring signals and digital and ECG power interconnections between the Main Board and the Power Board
  • Physio connector that interfaces to an external Physio Module
  • SATA hard drive connection to the SATA hard disk drive

CX30 & CX50 COM Express module is the central-processing unit (CPU). It is a compact embedded controller and computing platform that provides the interfaces for high-speed data (gigabit Ethernet support), PCI Express support lanes, and DVI high-resolution graphics and audio. This module has the BIOS (saved in flash memory). Upon an initiate command from the Main Board, the BIOS boots and controls the system.

Possible error code: v0010.25RJ9x45.0

Mfg p/n: 453561368032, 453561368033, 453561368034, 453561368035, 453561495831, 453561495832, 453561622163.

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