Philips CX30 & CX50 AC Adapter

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The AC line power adapter (AC adapter) has a status LED on its case that indicates condition of the adapter and the system battery. The AC adapter software monitors voltage and current. Because the battery looks like a short to the adapter when it is charging, the adapter maintains a constant-current mode of operation, limiting current to 13 A. In that mode, if the voltage drops below 11 V for 5 seconds, the adapter shuts down. Then you must unplug the adapter to reset the condition. Due to its chemistry, the battery voltage should not drop below approximately 12 V. The only reason the adapter output might drop below 11 V is if a short circuit in the system causes the battery to disconnect; or possibly, the system is running without a battery and experiences a short.

Mfg p/n: 4535612668724, 453561683611,453561268725, 453561268726, 453561367412, 453561367413.

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